Do you 👂 the people sing?

Day 16 of becoming a Xiaohongshu blogger.

  1. I know that there is a huge difference in user profiles between bilibili and Xiaohongshu, but I didn't notice before that these two platforms actually have a deep "hostility" towards each other:

    • "Xiaohongshu is too clean, I haven't even downloaded the B station app"
    • "Today, I actually opened the pink app that I rarely open because of xxx"

    As the top two community-oriented apps in the Chinese market, it turns out that they have a conflicting relationship. It's quite interesting to think about it this way (just kidding, I'm just here to watch the show).
    Actually, once you realize the existence of this conflict, the reasons behind it become clear with a little thought - it's a gender issue.

  2. "Self-media is working for the platform"

    This is so well said! That's exactly the point, I really understand it. In Day13, I mentioned why self-media should rely on the platform's approval, why the platform can unilaterally decide on issues like traffic control, and similar questions. If we look at these issues within the framework of a company, it becomes easier to understand (but understanding doesn't mean it's reasonable). In that case, of course, we have to follow the boss's orders when working, and it's normal for some departments that don't align with the company's development strategy to be randomly laid off...

    Then, the further question is, why are "you" the boss and "I" the employee? Why should "I" create achievements while "you" enjoy the benefits?

    These questions are all interconnected, "the company structure is unreasonable, so we need DAO organizations" and "the platform monopolizes information creation and distribution, so we need decentralized information creation and distribution". These two issues are actually one and the same.

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